Street Legal Golf Cart & LSV Information

What Does My Golf Cart Need To Be Street Legal?

Golf carts or LSVs (low speed vehicles) driven on public roads in South Carolina need to have a VIN (vehicle identification number), headlamps (headlights), turn signals, taillights, stop lights (brake lights), reflex reflectors, exterior mirrors (side mirrors, not just a top mounted rear view mirror), parking brakes, D.O.T. (Department of Transportation) approved windshield made from safety glass, and seat belts for every seat to be considered street legal. Neither golf carts nor LSVs are allowed to operate on a road with a speed limit of more than 35 miles per hour, but they are allowed to cross a highway or street with a  speed limit of 35+ MPH.

DMV Drivers License Information

LSVs or golf carts also must be operated by a licensed driver that is over the age of sixteen, and the same laws for a car apply to golf carts regarding underage drivers and their guardians. No alcoholic beverages can be consumed while operating the vehicle, and the LSV/golf cart has to be registered and insured with property damage and personal injury insurance policy.

To Be Legal Your Cart Needs:

  • VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)

  • Headlight, Taillights, Brake Lights & Turn Signals

  • Department of Transportation Approved Safety Glass Windshield

  • Premaritally Mounted Reflex Reflectors

  • Side View and Rear View Mirrors

  • Seat Belts For Every Occupied Seat

  • Parking Break

Charleston Golf Carts

We have comprised all this general information about golf carts in South Carolina to help help people understand the laws and regulations, please make sure you check with your local or state DMV for more imformation and specifics.

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Thanks you so much for helping us decide between a standard custom golf cart and a street legal LSV.

Jennifer, Mount Pleasant, SC

We moved here in December of 2018 and had no idea we were allowed to ride golf carts on the street, with your recommendation we took our cart to Charleston Custom Carts and they made sure we had all the proper accessories we need to be safe. Thanks

David, Isle of Palms, SC

I was so confused until I stumbled into your site, i appreciate you putting all this information in one place as i had no idea i needed to put water in my golf cart batteries, now they seem to last 5 times as long. Thanks guys 😉

Jake, Summerville, SC